Congress Aims to Throw Military under the Bus…Again

Update: The House of Representatives voted to pass the Bipartisan Budget Control Act of 2013. Next, it will go to the Senate sometime next week for a vote. There is still time for members of the military community to contact their Senators and ask them to vote NO.

Next steps: On Monday, 12/16 at 9 pm we will co-host a Military Family Twitter Town Hall with our friends at NextGen MilSpouse, MSJDN, Military Spouse CEO, and military family advocates. Follow our Twitter handle @MilSpouseMag. We will answer your questions and provide you with hard facts on how this will impact you.

Great articles to share more awareness on this:

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On December 12, a vote took place within Congress that used our veterans as a pawn to resolve the fiscal mess.  The Bipartisan Budget Control Act of 2013 will have a long lasting impact for the military community. Specifically, as reported by the Military Officers of America Association, “by age 62, retirees who serve a 20 year career would lose nearly 20 percent of their retired pay. An E-7 retiring at age 40 today would experience a loss of $83,000 in purchasing power – an O-5 would lose $124,000.”

We need to rally the masses of both the military community and our civilian friends to stand up for our Nation’s veterans.

How You Can Help:

Sign this alert from MOAA which will send your opposition to this Act directly to YOUR elected leaders: Legislative Alert

Call Your Representatives! Yes, they actually listen to their constituents.

Take to social media: Share the information on Facebook and Twitter to educate others using the hashtag #KeepYourPromise or #KeepCOLA

  • Example tweet: Congress is throwing #milfams under the bus & taking from the 1% who    have sacrificed #KeepYourPromise #KeepCOLA

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Whatever you choose to do, do not be complacent. We may be small, but we are mighty. While some have forgotten all that our men and women in uniform have given, we have not. Not a single man or woman who have bravely worn that uniform should have to sacrifice another thing, until Congress has made some sacrifice themselves.

Let’s get to work, friends!

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