Dear Sally – Marine Seeks Milspouse’s Advice

Dear Sally –

I need some help and I figured this magazine would be the best place to find advice…

Some background: I’m a Marine. I’m not a spouse, nor am I married. However, I am in a relationship with a wonderful girl! I’ve been in the Marines for four years with only 1 year remaining and I plan on marrying this girl soon after I EAS. I was in a relationship previously, since joining the Marine Corps, so I have some experience and am a little more used to distance being an obstacle. My current girlfriend, however, is not and struggles with it greatly.

Situation: Sadly, my girlfriend suffers from depression which has already been keeping her mood down a lot lately. In addition to that, I’m in Japan and the time difference (13 hours) is very hard on our communication. My work schedule has been hectic lately, resulting in many arguments and doubts to arise. Trust is being tested and patience is wearing thin. She feels less loved and cared for and I feel like she is giving up. These past two weeks I have put forth extra effort with, what I feel, has had little affect.

If you can help, I need to understand her situation more. I’m looking for ways I can help her and suggestions to help her cope and better deal with the distance. Anything that I can do to reassure that she is loved even with distance between us and to help us make it through.

Marine Starting to Feel Meager



Alright MilSpouse Community –

Help us help this Marine! Use the comment section below to share your tried and true words of milspouse wisdom that you’ve collected over the years. Think back to the very beginning of your journey. What did your spouse do to help you make the transition into the military lifestyle? Or, looking back, what do you wish your spouse/someone had told you that would have helped ease your mind? 

– Military Spouse Team

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