Why You Should Flaunt Your Patriotism Proudly

The bad behavior and attitudes causing problems for our country are extremely frustrating.

There is one issue in particular I want to focus on right now.

Let me lay out for you why disrespect to the American flag upsets me so. Not only to air my grievances, but to illustrate why patriotism is important.

I am proud of the military history of my family. I love the stories of my grandfathers and parents, their accounts of discomfort, sacrifice, and combat while serving. Growing up, my patriotic parents were always bringing my brother and I to many patriotic events and places, mainly airshows.

In addition to my family’s proud Navy, Marine, and Coast Guard history, I married into the military.

Since being married, I have watched a lot of news, learned more about government, politics, and history.

At our last duty station, I befriended a World War II veteran and his wife from church. It took some encouragement from myself and his wife to get him to relate his stories. Once he opened up, I think he greatly appreciated that someone from a much younger generation was eager to listen. Part of my aim in this was also to share with my preteen son this great opportunity to hear from and be in this hero’s presence. Anyone who has a similar opportunity, I strongly urge you to take advantage. Not only for your sake, but to be a listening ear to the vets who deserve your attention. Please, talk to the WWII generation while you are still able to do so.

All this, through the course of my life has contributed to my passionate patriotism. I try to instill the same passion for our country in my children.

So when I see people on the news disrespecting our flag, I get fired up. There was even an incident in America recently where a WWII veteran’s flags from his own lawn were destroyed. This proud American who served his country through a horrific war, was so affected and hurt by this disgusting act. I felt indignant about it too.

When the flag is disrespected, it is a stab in the heart to those who have served or are serving. Especially revolting is that a disrespected flag tramples on the legacy of those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

My point in writing this piece is to inspire us to flaunt our patriotism. As military families, I think we should be an example of patriotism for the rest of America. There are little and easy touches that can be done to display this affection. For instance, a small sticker on your vehicle. I utilized a phone app that allowed me to superimpose my obvious flag of choice over my social media profile picture.

The best and loudest demonstration is to have big, beautiful flags hanging on all our porches. Make a statement for the red, white, and blue.

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