‘Hallelujah Veterans Version’ Written & Performed by Veteran

*Sitting here listening in tears….*

This beautiful rendition of Hallelujah Veterans Version is an original piece written by Sailor Jerri, a Navy Veteran. It is a moving tribute that touches the hearts of every mom, dad, wife, daughter, brother, sister, and loved one who has ever loved a servicemember serving our country.

A note from the creator: 

“Everyone asks me what is next… Where do I go, and what do I write?
That put me under a lot of pressure until I realized the impact this song has had on veterans, and active duty.  Mothers are listening and remembering their sons, wives connect better with their combat veterans because of this song, daughters listen to it and remember their dads, and men and women who wear or have worn the uniform listen to it and remember people they have lost.
I can not top this.  Nothing I can do will surpass this, not even 50 hits that reach #1 can top this.   So the only pressure I have is wondering if I did them justice.  So I’ll keep writing and making music.  As long as they want to listen, Ill keep singing.”

Find out more here: https://www.sailorjerrimusic.com/hallelujah

Keep making beautiful music, Sailor Jerri!

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