Laila Ireland, Transgender Spouse of the Year, Chats With Ellen

Laila Ireland is a retired veteran, transgender woman, activist, advocate, and our 2017 AFI Peterson AFB Spouse of the Year. Aside from serving as a combat medic in the Army for 13 years, she grew up an Army brat and is now married to Air Force Staff Sergeant Logan Ireland, who is transgender as well.

Laila’s activism initially began in 2012 when she began facilitating inclusivity training through Outserve Trans and SPART*A. Her advocacy efforts, especially in light of pending DoD policy regarding transgender service members, has brought her and her husband to the forefront of her efforts.

“Part of my work as a trans-military advocate and activist is sharing our rich colorful history. The struggles and obstacles that we have overcome, the battles we’ve conquered and won…and the issues that we face currently and could possibly face in the future,” said Laila.

Laila’s platform for the transgender military community has brought her on an amazing journey, but it is “seeing how my support carries Logan even on the days he seemingly can’t carry himself” that helps her along the way.

Most recently, she and her husband were invited on Ellen to speak about their experiences and shed some light on what it means to be transgender in today’s military, and as usual they did not disappoint!

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