Cheers to Last Year: How to Celebrate Your DONE List

“We focus so much on our ‘To DO’ list that we don’t celebrate our ‘To DONE’ list.”

These words, said by Lisa Nicols on a Facebook Live video I was watching, stood out to me. I’m sure you’ve already seen this phenomenon or experienced it first-hand, especially on social media. Maybe you’ve seen people posting about:

  • Advertising their 2018 “vision board parties”;
  • Stating what their “WORD” will be to help define their New Year;
  • Creating a PLAN to accomplish the infamous “Goal List”.

Now don’t get me wrong, ALL of these examples are great and absolutely necessary. For me, with each year, times passes faster. Nobody wants to feel unaccomplished right? So here we sit in another new year… contemplating what we want our future to hold and what steps we will take to tackle that future. We work so hard on creating a new Master Plan almost each and every year…

But, in the process of feverish planning, we can sometimes forget to show our current accomplishments some love! So ask yourself this:

What have you done already?

Before moving forward, just STOP. Think back to 2017 and how far you’ve come, even if the year didn’t turn out how you planned.

One thing I definitely know is plans don’t always work out exactly the way we want them to, but then the pivot happens. That’s when you can’t take that step in front so you go to the side a ‘lil bit, but still working toward those plans. Life just happens and you do a little adjusting. The pivot is just one more thing to celebrate. The pivot has led you to where you are, right now. Respect the pivot.

Before you write down those new amazing goals that you will SLAY in the next year, make a different list. The one that shows you how amazing you already are. How you pushed through when things got a little hard. How you’ve already done some pretty dope ‘ish’. Once you’ve done all that, feel free to pop that collar honey!

Here’s a tip. Don’t always look for the major things you’ve done like some big life changing WHAMEY. You can celebrate something as simple as staying consistent. Another thing you can focus on is what you’ve learned and how much you’ve grown. I think we can ALL say cheers to that!

So today, pull out the champagne and toast to you. Toast to life. Put away that TO-DO list for a minute and toast to your TO-DONES!!

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