Struggles of a Military Girlfriend

When I first met Zach neither one of us wanted to be in a relationship, but we were instantly connected.

Our relationship has never been easy, but we have always made our relationship a huge priority. Now coming up to our three year anniversary, so much has changed.

We have grown up so much in the past three years. New jobs, new promotions, we have gained and lost friends, two duty locations, and currently going through his second deployment.

Growing up, I was raised Catholic, and the older I got the more I pulled myself away from the church. During Zach’s first deployment I found myself longing to find my faith again and put my trust and my fears into God’s hands completely. By no means am I the perfect Catholic. I am typically a more “holiday catholic” than anything else, but I do find peace in scripture and prayers.

When the distance becomes too difficult to deal with, I turn to prayers and wine… lots of wine.

I have been lucky enough to find friends that are going through the same thing and understand the struggles that military couples go through. Even though we may not talk all the time, I know that I can always go to them for advice.

Distance sucks, no matter which way you look at it, no matter how long you spend apart or the actual distance in between the couple.

Nothing makes my blood boil more than when people say, “Well, didn’t you know what you were signing up for?” I fell in love with a person, NOT their job. I knew I couldn’t give up simply because it was difficult. We never had the thought of “let’s prove them wrong” because it would have taken away from the relationship we were building.

We wanted to figure out how to make us work first before putting anyone’s negatives thoughts into the equation.

I never thought at 19 I would know what’s on my boyfriend’s will.

I never thought that a majority of our conversations regarding his work are mainly me asking him to “speak English” and break down what he is saying so I can understand it, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

This second deployment has tested us more than EVER before. We have gone through longer times apart, longer periods of time that we didn’t hear from one another, but I think the longer we are together the harder it is becoming to say goodbye to him. I thought I knew what his second deployment would have in store for us and how to handle it, but I was wrong.

I constantly feel lost and confused. Not in regards to our relationship, but simply because I miss my other half. I am hoping as the time goes on I don’t get used to it, but I can get through it.

When you have someone so amazing to fight for, you do whatever you have to and I plan on doing that.