8 Things NOT to Do at the Holiday Office Party

Shared from GIJobs.com
Unlike a lot of post-military transition elements, holiday parties should be one that isn’t completely foreign to you. Whether they were holiday themed or not, military balls, dining outs and even “mandatory-fun” gatherings should be extremely familiar to you at this point. But in this case, familiar most definitely doesn’t mean the same. Here are a few tips on things you shouldn’t do at your new civilian company’s holiday party.

8. Be a Live Twitter Feed

You don’t work for TMZ. You’re not Perez Hilton. And I’m willing to bet your twitter following is smaller than your last unit. So there’s no reason that you need to be updating the world real-time of the party’s happenings. Your new co-workers will be grateful for you not broadcasting party photos or leaking the interoffice make-out session you walked in on. And as for your twitter, trust me, less is more.