What I Really Want For Christmas as a Military Spouse

Dear Santa,

Just a warning St. Nick, this list might be long. I gave up waiting for my birthday or any other holiday to deliver, so the pressure is all on you. Sorry.

First of all, I was hoping you might have some elvish connections in my husband’s battalion. He was supposed to be home by Thanksgiving, but now it looks like it might be a lonely new year. If you could help out with that, I would be good all the way into next year, no strings attached. No more gossiping about the new spouse in our cul-de-sac who buys ramen in bulk when her husband is gone, I promise.

I also swear I’ll volunteer at the Battalion Christmas Party and will even stay till the end to help clean up. I would even consider limiting my wine intake to a bottle a week. Two at the most… That’s how badly I want him back.

The next one’s a little sticky. I don’t know if this falls in your department, but I would really like to leave our duty station soon. I know that is a little far fetched to be asking you, but you know how bad it is – you’ve visited our house more than our relatives who live four hours away. Something with mountains would be nice, but something by the water would be divine.

I’d give up wine all together for that little Christmas miracle. Well, I’d at least give up buying it for myself. I can’t promise I’d turn away the free stuff at the Christmas Party. Especially if I have to be there the whole time with the other spouses… Thanks, Santa.

Lastly, here are just some observations about things that would be nice. Again, I’m not sure if this falls under your mistletoe-covered umbrella, but it never hurts to ask, does it? I would love for my husband to pick up rank so he doesn’t get phased out before he’s ready to leave the military.

Also, embassy duty in Spain would be quite the adventure for our budding family. Leaving 29 Palms for Rhoda would be a nice change of pace, don’t you think? You visit there, right? I wouldn’t mind Italy either, if you are writing this down. There’s also a family with five kids that is moving out next door to us. I don’t want them to get lost in the holiday shuffle. Please find them on Christmas morning – they are heading to Barstow and could use some Christmas spirit I think.

On that note, if you could find a way to spread that Christmas spirit to the guys in the ‘Stan, if they really have to stay that is, it would make my Christmas brighter, knowing they weren’t forgotten in their dismal corner of the world.

Under no circumstances should you bring Izzy the puppy she’ll be asking for in a letter that’s on it’s way to you as we speak though. She killed the last two goldfish we had, and I don’t need a puppy’s life in my busy hands. Not yet. We’ll revisit it next year, Santa.

The decorations aren’t enough to bring the Christmas spirit. I know this sounds like a lot, but we’ve had a tough year with those back-to-back deployments and could really use some happiness. And maybe some spiced eggnog – especially if I have to give up the wine. Thanks Santa.

Yours truly,

Just Another Frazzled Military Spouse

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