Army Vet Plans to Lift 200 Tons For Fisher House Foundation

I am a 66-year-old Army vet and West Point graduate, member of the Class of ’72.  As a veteran, I want to help our injured veterans and their families. To do this, I am raising donations for Fisher House Foundation, which provides free housing for injured veterans and their families near VA hospitals. Fisher House also has scholarship programs for military wives and children.
To increase publicity and funding for Fisher House Foundation, I will be attempting to lift 200 tons of weight in two hours on March 4th.  As a point of reference, one record for timed weight lifting from the internet is 118 tons in one hour. Because this record holder is 20 years younger, I am lowering the amount to 100 tons per hour, but extending the time to 2 hours, for a total of 200 tons.  
My website is http://www.200TonsForVets. org/ where you can read more details and make donations to Fisher House. All donations are made directly to them and are tax deductible.
Please check this out and consider donating. Also, please feel free to email the website link to friends and share it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., to garner more support for this worthy cause. Injured veterans and their families will benefit greatly from your helping Fisher House. Fisher House’s goal is to have loved ones present as support for the veterans during difficult times.  

What a bargain – Where else can you help injured vets and see an old vet put himself in the hospital?
Thank you for your donations and support and for sharing this project with others.
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