AMSC-Thank You!

Today marks a milestone.

For decades we’ve watched our military spouse community grow. We tend to be a resourceful bunch, filling gaps when needed, starting programs, business and initiatives to fulfill our own needs and not letting the military lifestyle limit our dreams. Ever.

This list has grown to include:
Military spouses in business (this brand included)
Military spouses in charity
Military spouses in giving
Military spouses in Hollywood
Military spouse authors, bloggers, writers, publishers, magazine founders (raises hand).
Military in almost every venue available to the rest of world.

Today we take a moment to recognize our military spouses in song. And, while they do not presently have a male aboard their fabulous program, I have a feeling they intend to change that.

erin whitehead and alisha youchWith recognition comes progress and change (you’ll have to trust me on this one!). I have no doubt as time goes on, men and more diversity will be included in the singing dynamo choir.

Did you hear the shout out, male spouses? 15 seconds of fame and what did the representative of the choir say? “Thank you to military spouses, men and women…” What a way to mention a relevant issue and use that moment to shine a light on a deserving niche within the military spouse community! Fantastic!

We are all changing. We are all evolving. Who knew? And, you know what? I have a feeling this is just the beginning of things to come.

The key is not to hold it back, the key is not to stand back and try to stop it.

The key is to GET ABOARD this bullet train and ride it all the way! Sit down, buckle up, and hang the heck on!

Congratulations to all the military spouses in the American Military Spouses Choir for making it to the AGT Semi-Finals. We will all be waiting. On the other side of the lens, but still there, rooting you on, cheering for you, watching you, hoping FOR you.


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