MILSPRENEUR of the Year Nominee Babette Maxwell

We are so proud of Babette and she is so deserving of this award!  Her persistence and resourcefulness enabled her to bootstrap the start-up of Military Spouse magazine. As a small, veteran-owned business, Victory Media found Babette to be a perfect match when we met her in 2006. We joined forces and acquired Military Spouse magazine and brought Babette on to head Military Spouse’s growth. We surrounded this amazing woman with an amazing team and resources to grow the brand. When Victory created the Military Spouse of the Year program in 2008, Babette was key in growing it. Babette was always so proud of the advocacy that Military Spouse provided for the nation’s 1.1 million women and men who previously had little or no voice. She was also proud of the fact that we accomplished this advocacy as a small business that not only didn’t have to consume taxpayer funds or charitable donations, but actually paid taxes back to our nation. This structure validated the community by branding military spouses not as those in need of charity but as a respected and powerful group of a million women and men. This structure also ensured sustainability by generating its own resources, primarily through sponsors and advertisers, instead of relying on the government or charitable donations, which can be fickle and unpredictable. Babette’s legacy is secure in her independent founding of the magazine and in the growth of the entire brand during her tenure with Victory. We highly recommend her for this award. Go Babette!

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