6 Ways to “Fall” In Love With Your Military Spouse Again

Maybe it’s because my birthday is over Labor Day weekend, but I always think of fall and the start of the school year as the start of a new year.

Time to make a fresh start and rejuvenate a little after a long, hot summer. Hitting that refresh button applies to my quality time with my husband too. Fall is the perfect season to grab a few romantic moments together before the big holiday rush comes crashing down in a storm of family gatherings and command parties.

So if you’re like me and looking to get a bit of quality time in with your pumpkin, here are a few fun ideas to help you fall back in love with the apple of your eye.

1. Take A Hike

Nature girl I am not. But there is something about walking through one of the national parks around this area when the leaves are all changing colors and the temps and just low enough to make me think I should have brought a jacket that I love.

It could be that once the temps start to drop the bugs go into hiding, or it could just be that taking a hike with my hubby puts us in a beautiful setting where we can disconnect for a little while, hold hands and sneak kisses without worrying about anything other than which path to take next.

2. Have a Roll in the Hay

Ok ok, don’t go getting naked in any piles of hay! I’m pretty sure that would be an uncomfortable experience. But find a local farm, grab a cup of hot apple cider, and hit the hayrides. Look in your area and I bet where you find “pick your own pumpkin” places you’ll also find hayrides.

This date could be family friendly so if you’re looking to get away from the kids for a while you might want to call and ask for the best time for a more private trip.

3. Make a Funny Pumpkin Face

Remember the whole I’m not nature girl thing? When it comes to the idea of sticking my hands in a pumpkin to pull out its guts I get a little squeemish. But that doesn’t mean I have to avoid the whole tradition of creating a funny faced pumpkin. If you’re up for cutting into them, do it!

Make it a competition with your other half. Come up with some theme and invite friends over for a pumpkin carving night. Or in my case, a pumpkin painting night.

4. Face Your Fears

For some reason fall seems to be the time everyone brings out the scariest things they can think of. If you’re the type that likes being scared head off to a haunted house (or hayride) and see what horrors await.

And for those that are scared of their own shadow and find no enjoyment out of paying to be scared, just think of it as an excuse to hold tight onto your honey as they protect you from any monsters that may jump out at you.

5. Get Into The Game

I live in the south and down here fall football is a way of life. Putting on the team colors, grabbing stadium food that I would never eat at home, and screaming at the top of my lungs for my team to score already with my Mr. next to me doing the same may not seem super romantic, but I’ll let you in on a secret: I find grocery shopping with the hubby romantic after spending so much time apart while we were both in the military.

6. Look Local

Whether you live in the beautiful New England states where fall makes a big statement or out in the dry South West where fall means temps in the double digits, there are sure to be fall festivals, brewery celebrations, and harvest events going on.

Check the local newspapers (or websites) and see what is going on around you. Play tourist in your own town and enjoy being able to fall in love with your spouse all over again!

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