MINImoons: What to Do When the Honeymoon Hasn’t Happened

I AM taking you someplace EXOTIC…we’re moving to JAPAN!” -Hubby

This was three years after we had been married. So… was he saying that getting vaccinated, giving away my dog, trying to learn to communicate in a foreign country and adjusting to driving on the opposite side of the street was exotic? Nu uh!

Although I liked the challenge of a new country and eventually enjoyed the experience of living there, this didn’t quality as a honeymoon! But like a lot of military couples we roll with the punches and accept that we live OUTSIDE of tradition.

By tradition, I’m talking about the fact that many of us pledged our lives and love to our spouses in front of a judge and MAYBE a few friends and fam. Maybe. After my husband and I kissed as man and wife, he went RIGHT back to work. But that’s recruiting duty for ya. I didn’t complain though, I got THE BEST GUY EVER!!

As for a honeymoon…nine years in and two kids later, that still hasn’t happened. Here’s the run down of why.

  • We got married on recruiting duty. That’s a 6 days a week 16-hour days kinda gig. We never even made weekend plans
  • We then got sent to Japan (we got pregnant after four months of being there)
  • We’ve been taking care of small babies (twins) since then. There’s no family close by to relieve us, and I’m not the type to let my toddlers stay overnight with others outside of our parents.

BUT I think we’ve mastered the art of having MINImoons!!