Spice Isn’t Just For Your Latte: 8 Ways to Spice It Up In the Bedroom This Fall

In the fall we tend to think of all things spice: Pumpkin Spice Lattes (PSL), spices added to our foods, and drinks, but we forget to add spice to the bedroom.

In fact it has become common to be called “basic” if you enjoy a PSL. Adult time doesn’t have to be boring, basic, and it certainly shouldn’t be seasonal. Here are some ways to bring the spice back to your after dinner pleasures:

1. Plan it out

Okay that doesn’t sound very sexy. Challenge yourself and your partner to have sex every day of the month, but find ways to add spontaneity. The more you get down and dirty the more you increase your libido.

2. Book a hotel room

We sometimes get stuck and limited by our boundaries and surroundings; change your surroundings and you may find that your boundaries loosen up too. While you are changing your surroundings, increase the level of that you allow yourself to “get into it.”

3. Talk about your fantasies and act them out (if you are both comfortable)

Part of adding spice to anything is the different flavor that is brought. Does this mean role-playing and dress-up, maybe some toys, or even playing with your food? It’s whatever is comfortable for you!

4. Sext

Send your lover a flirty and naughty text during the day to give them a little something to think and look forward too.

5. Schedule a Boudoir shoot

A lot of people are stimulated visually; create a visually stimulating gift for your spouse by reaching out to one of your favorite military spouse Photographers that offer Boudoir shoots. Take it from me; they are exhilarating!

6. Research

Encourage each other to research and explore new favorites. Read magazines and then discuss with each other what you read – or just try it out.

7. Compliment each other

Nothing makes me feel sexier than when my spouse gives me a compliment. Complimenting each other also shows that you pay attention to each other. I for one like to know that I am desired.

8. Reconnect

It can be easy to get lost in the day to day, and honestly, it can become mundane. Go on a date and DON’T talk about work or life – just fall in love again and again.

Your live, your love, and your love life should not feel basic or boring. Try new things and repeat the old things that work for you. Spices don’t make any recipe, but when we remove them, we can definitely tell that there is something lacking.

Keep your relationship flavorful by making sure to use ALL of your ingredients.  

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