What Do Life Insurance and February 14th Have in Common?

What Do Life Insurance and February 14th Have in Common?

Life insurance and Valentine’s Day are both about love.

In fact, 75% of Americans say the reason to buy life insurance is to protect the future of those you love.* Plus, in today’s world when many family budgets are based on two incomes, it’s important for couples both to have adequate life insurance. And just because you have SGLI, that doesn’t mean you have enough.

Nonprofit Uniformed Services Benefit Association (USBA) offers a unique life insurance plan that covers both you and your spouse with the same amount of life insurance for one low premium. It’s smart coverage designed specifically for military families.

Check out all this USBA Double Value TWO for ONE® family group level term life plan has to offer.

  • Get coverage of $50,000 up to $400,000.
  • It’s joint coverage with one premium to pay, not two.
  • Benefits are paid on the first to die.
  • If you both die within 15 days of each other as the result of the same accident, the full benefit amount will be paid for each life.
  • You can apply online or by mail.

This Valentine’s Day, remember…life insurance isn’t for you. It’s for those you love.

*LIMRA and LIFE Foundation 2011 Insurance Barometer Study

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