6 Hottest Practical Apps for Military Spouses

Earlier this year I remember reading an article by the lovely Jo of Jo, My Gosh about her 10 Must Have Apps for Military Spouses. That got me thinking about what hot apps I can’t live without and just how they make my life as a Sailor and a spouse a little easier. Here are some of the hottest practical apps for military spouses!


1. Must-Have Recipes from Better Homes and Garden

I’ve talked about meal planning before (here.) With the Must-Have Recipes app I can find ways to get out of my cooking rut without getting overwhelmed with endless ideas on Pinterest. This hot app helps with organizing grocery lists and is full of tips to make even the most kitchen challenged person feel like Better Crocker. I know how easy it is to get stuck cooking the same thing all the time because it’s cheap, easy, and the family likes it. But that gets boring after a while. The daily recipe ideas in this must have app will keep it fresh. And who knows, you might just come across a new family favorite!

2. MyFitness Pal & FitBit

I am one of those people who only runs because I really like to eat. Being in the gym is not exactly one of my favorite things. But since I enjoy bread, wine, and ice cream as much as I do, I need balance. These two apps can be linked together to help you track just how many steps it takes to justify the extra large glass of wine after another attack of Mr. Murphy. MyFitnessPal allows you to log what you’re eating, how much water you’re drinking, and your daily workouts.  Linking it with your FitBit helps keep up with the cardio tracker even easier. And if you’re having trouble staying on track with a healthier lifestyle, link up with friends on the FitBit app! When your best friend is challenging you to a competition for the most steps walked in a week you’ll find yourself parking a little farther away from the store just for the bragging rights!