Fourth Of July Style Guide

By Ashley Jacobs, Marine Corps Spouse, Reporter

The Fourth of July is a time to celebrate independence and freedom, so why not show off your own unique style while partying with your friends and family? Whether you want to pay homage to the stars and stripes with sophistication, look pretty and patriotic or just break the mold and get edgy in something awesome to celebrate America, stylist Jessica DeVault says she has the look for you. “It’s just a wonderful festive day and a great way to celebrate being American. It’s a great day to have a cookout, enjoy time with your family and friends and check out the fireworks,” she said as she browsed the racks searching for the perfect outfit for a variety of body types, budgets and styles. De Vault runs her styling services out of Wilmington, North Carolina, not far from Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune.

Not only does she run into military spouses regularly in the area, she also has personal ties to military life. “I was a military brat, so I understand the sacrifices spouses have to make, especially during times of conflict,” she said. “As tough as it can be to endure long deployments, every military spouse I know fully understands their spouses their spouse’s desire to serve his or her country. Putting your country over your own needs and at times the needs of the family unit is worthy of high respect and appreciation from everyone.”

Her overwhelming respect for service members and their families came to life as she volunteered to pull clothing articles from the racks and pieced together the perfect Fourth of July outfits with military spouses in mind. DeVault often finds herself on the sets of movies and television shows filming in Wilmington, as well as magazine photo shoots, but this project reignited her passion and brought her love her country to the front of the closet…and to the front of her mind.


“I pulled a lot of these looks from Talbots,” DeVault said. “Most of these garments can be found just about anywhere at a variety of price points, which is why I chose them.” The first look is perfect for an elegant luncheon. DeVault referred to it as Sophisticated Stars and Stripes. “Wearing a basic black dress won’t do. Be festive by sporting a patriotic color and a little bling to jazz it up.” DeVault said a striped, blue Fit-n-Flare dress with a beautiful gold necklace and a funky cluSophisticated Stars &Stripestch will do the trick.

Women with hourglass figures or those of in need of a little “curve enhancement” will be able to pull the described look off the best according to DeVault. “It accentuates the female form and adds shape where there is none for those who aren’t as curvy.” For ladies with more of an athletic or pear shape, DeVault pulled a different look. She called it Pretty Patriotic. It’s the perfect pairing for a casual day out. “Don’t let the thick stripes scare you. The darkest stripes are strategically places in the middle to give the impression of a waistline and shape.”

DeVault loves it because the look is easy and effortless. “When you’re out and about,” she said, “you should always look pulled together and a casual dress like this makes it very easy to do that. Throw on a pretty white necklace to polish it off.” And you’re done.

But if you’re a more edgy, trend-setting, mold breaking woman, you may want an outfit that screams just how awesome America really is! “If dresses aren’t your shtick, you can’t go wrong with a pair of shorts and a tiered tee and chambray shirt,” according to DeVault. She said there is nothing more American than a touch of denim. And just about any shape can pull this look off.

Awesome America“Just be sure to tie the chambray shirt at the smallest part of your waist to accentuate your waistline.” And if the shorts De Vault picked look just a little too short, opt for a pair of Bermuda shorts instead. “Make your outfit pop with an oversized tote and tie a festive scarf around it for good measure.” No matter your personal style preferences, your budget or the Fourth of July event you’re planning on attending, De Vault says go big…and go with red, white and blue!

Check out the racks she shopped or get inspiration from her photos to dream up your own look. De Vault can be found on facebook by searching ‘Style by JDV’ or you can head to her website:

Get the look!

Sophisticated Stars and Stripes

Rope Stripe Dress, $129, Gold necklace, $59.50 and Seashell clutch, $99, all from Talbots. A dress like this can be found at Banana Republic or Target.

Pretty Patriotic

Bold Stripe T-Shirt Dress, $89.50; Necklace, stylist’s own, but something similar can be found at an assortment of stores like Target or Forever21.

Awesome America

White tiered tee, $39.50, Chambray Sleeveless Denim Shirt, $59.50, Twill Shorts, 42.50, handbag, $69.99 and scarf $59.50, all available at Talbots. Each of which can be found at just about any store. for less than $100, not including the bag or scarf.







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