How To Wear White After Labor Day

Labor Day in America is dedicated to the celebration of the hard work of our nation’s citizens, and honors the dedicated laborers who worked to build this country.  It is a day of rest, reflection and relaxation. Today we might gather together with friends and family, listen to speeches in honor of the day, perhaps pull out those inflatable pools for the last time of the season and discuss the upcoming school schedule or our football favorites.

As the weather turns and we look toward autumn, Labor Day also marks the unofficial kick off for fall and winter fashion. After all, in just a month or so, your spouse will be moving from a summer uniform to a winter uniform, and you won’t see those great whites until next year.

And, while you might be inclined to store away YOUR whites until next year, we couldn’t help but wonder: can we wear white post Labor Day without committing a fashion faux pas? How can we make the most of our summer wardrobe?  Does the ‘no white after Labor Day’ rule even still apply? We decided to ask the experts.

Dressing for Weather

The color of your outfit won’t matter if you’re not dressed appropriately for the weather. Fabrics should be the first consideration of what to put away for winter. According to designer Shoshanna Gruss, linen should be the first to go.

“You wouldn’t wear a strapless sundress if it were white linen or black linen in the fall,” she says. “Summer clothes are summer clothes, but, colorwise, it’s more interesting and fun to play with your wardrobe and not leave any color out.”

There are plenty of white sweaters and dresses that look great during the winter that are also season appropriate.


Colors that Flatter

Choosing the right color white is essential as well. Cream colors and off whites are usually the best pick for winter style.

Mixing whites with other colors is a great way to pull off the winter-white trend. Putting a cream colored cardigan over a bold top with a pair of jeans and boots can look great and keep you warm.


If you love that white dress in your closet and want to wear it all year round, change up the style with accessories. Adding a scarf and some patterned tights to the dress can change it into a completely different look and can make it go from summer to winter fashion without anyone even suspecting it’s the same dress.

Use Your Best Judgment

We all know that there are times that white isn’t appropriate— and not just because of the season. Wearing white to a wedding or a hayride are not great ideas. However, knowing the right occasions to wear white is the best way to decide. After all, Coco Chanel wore white all year round, so that is a good enough reason for me to do it, too.

White on!



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