Twelve Days of Christmas Gifts Giveaway!

The tree is lit and carols fill the air– ‘tis the season of cookies and giving and care.  To you and your family good tidings we share.

But that’s not enough– we want to do more! What if we could gift you something from our favorite store?

What about a fun game we can play? One where we bring you…

A Christmas gift GIVEAWAY!

The Navy Exchange and Military Spouse promise you twelve days of very big prizes, but you’ll have to check in each day because they’re surprises!

We have over $2,000 of merchandise to deliver–treat yourself to the item or be the perfect gift-giver!

But how do I win, you want to know. Well, just scroll down the page to the rules below.

Play along with us and we hope that you win one.  Enjoy, like away, we wish you great fun!

The contest begins December 11 and ends December 22th.  To find these gifts and more, be sure to check out your local Navy Exchange or visit


In order to enter the contest today you must  sign up HERE or click the link at bottom of this article.

Even if you are already a subscriber, you need to sign up through this because it will enter you in the contest. The newsletter will be sent out two times throughout the 12 days of Christmas with codes that you need to win the prizes!

Code words will be put in articles and in newsletters as the contest goes on. Some days you will be asked to “Like” the article on Facebook, and some days you will have to comment on the article on Facebook. Through these actions we will choose a winner each day and you will have to provide the keyword that is hidden in the article. All code words will be bolded in the article and will have a holiday theme!


1.   If you post the keyword on social media for others to see, you will be disqualified from winning.

2.   You must do the task that is asked for that day, be signed up for the newsletter through the link given in this article, and be able to provide the keyword (when asked for it) to win the prize.

3.   You are eligible to win every day, even if you won a prize already.

Visit our Facebook page and site every day throughout the 12 days of Christmas to see what you need to do. Follow the steps and collect the keywords each day and you will be entered into our grand prize. We will select the grand prize winner from those who entered the contest every day and you must be able to provide all 12 keywords.

Have fun, best of luck and Happy Holidays!


This contest is not endorsed by or affiliated with Facebook.

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