The 3 Pillars to Live a Satisfied Life

As we go about our lives, it is very easy to get caught up in the monotony of the daily grind and worn down with the jam-packed calendar we all seem to possess. Simply put, sometimes we are too busy “doing” life to really “live” life!

I would encourage you to step back and think about the mindset you are utilizing to navigate this frenetic pace. Are you reactive, weary and operating on auto-pilot? Or are you mindful about your actions, intentions and response to the world? In order to shift to the latter frame of mind, we must operate proactively, or with what I call a “PRE” mindset.

“Pre” is a commonly used prefix meaning “before,” “in advance of” or “in front of.” And although I believe you should use the model laid out below “before” responding to the world around us, “Pre” in this context means so much more. “PRE” stands for Praise, Recognition and Encouragement and are the three pillars to authentic engagement with others and with ourselves.