★2017 Top 18 AFI Base Spouses of the Year★


After MUCH deliberation, our MSOY judges have selected the Top 18 Base Level Spouses of the Year who will be moving on to the Branch Level voting. Branch Voting opens on February 20th!

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Erica McMannes

Fort Eustis-Newport

Wow! The thought of the reach and impact with this blows my mind. As a military spouse business owner focused on an interactive platform that is providing remote work specifically geared to military spouses, I would love to see a) outdated regulations, verbiage, and “lumping” of spouse owned businesses under protocol never written to actually recognize their presence to be addressed, revised, etc… and b) with the new area of Joint Force initiatives, the goals of my “a” need to be addressed on a systematic, Joint Force level to provide a consistency to the delivery, messaging, and regulations supporting military spouse businesses. (I could go on but I’ll stop there for now!) :0)

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Cassaundra Martinez

Fort Belvior 

One of my heart-strings belongs to military spouses and the associated unemployment rate. I have felt deeply impacted by the employment challenges imposed by the military lifestyle and when I discovered the outrageous percentage of unemployed and underemployed military spouses, I formed a local women’s networking group that holds monthly meetings. But that’s just the beginning of my vision. With the title of Military Spouse of the Year, I would like to address the issue of spouse unemployment and underemployment. There needs to be a mechanism in place that prepares the military spouse’s career, especially for multiple moves. My goal this year is to offer a solution to that problem.

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Amy Shick

MacDill AFB

I would like to accomplish an understanding and expectation management between military spouse generations. I believe we have a generational divide that creates misunderstanding, frustration and dissatisfaction for leaders and the younger generation. There is a better way to understand and meet the needs of each generation’s priorities and belief systems to promote better relationships and the passing on of Army life traditions that are important to our culture’s past and future.

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