Spouse Clubs

Spouses Clubs provide a number of opportunities, from camaraderie with fellow spouses to providing scholarships, enhancing the community, and promoting charity.  It’s possible you may find Spouse Clubs divided by rank, Officer or Enlisted on various installations.  It is equally as common, however, to find a Spouse Club attached to a particular unit that is open to ALL spouses.

First and foremost they’re social, and secondly they’re a means of community for unit familes during deployment or training.  They may band together to assist an overwhelmed spouse by helping out with childcare, etc.  Also spouses clubs can get together to send a large care package or organie homecoming or depature ceremonies. 

Most spouses clubs do require an annual membership fee: anything from $3 to $25.  That money is typically put toward operating costs for events, etc.  Within a spouse club, you will find a variety of organized events: everything from a wine tasting outing, to book clubs, to recreational activities.  Many spouses elect to join a club because it helps them meet new friends and form relationships, helpful when attending a new base.  Others join because it gives them the opportunity to meet other moms and dads, especially when their children are young and not old enough to be enrolled in schools.

Military Spouse Clubs can also offer support, especially for those within a unit.  Here you will find spouses in the exact same position as you are, chiefly that their service member might be deployed with yours, or working the same hours. 

Joining a Spouses Club when you PCS is a good way to not only meet new friends, but learn the area.  Seasoned members might be able to fill you in on the best local hotspots, best times to travel on the roads, and anything unique about your new installation. 

Enhancing the local community, scholarships and organizing and promoting charity events are also part of a Spouses Club.



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