The Exchange: A Great Place To Shop!

Most military installations have an ‘Exchange,’ sometimes referred to as the MCX, NEX, or AAFES, depending on service branch.  In fact, there are more than 2,817 facilities worldwide in more than 30 countries, 50 states and five U.S. territories. The Exchange has 131 main stores, 174 Military Clothing facilities, 850 Specialty Stores and 72 theaters.

You can find everything from kitchen goods, work out gear, electronics, and furniture to clothing, cosmetics and jewelry.  Some stores also house popular chain stores inside, like GNC and Starbucks, and services such as nail and hair salons and jewelry repair.   And, there’s nothing generic about the Exchange, as it carries all the name brands you would find in a high-end department store.  During various seasons, you can also find plants, gardening supplies, pumpkins, and Christmas trees.

Unlike a conventional department store, the Exchange also offers military specific items: such as uniforms and pins.  Like the Commissary, the Exchange also offers competitively low prices on their merchandise and no sales tax.

The Exchange is also web friendly!  Shoppers can create online accounts to access their merchandise and shop online.  And, you can access their weekly ad and additional coupons online. 

The Exchange not only provides a vast array of merchandise, but a wide-range of employment opportunities with benefits and competitive salaries for spouses and other dependents.  According to their statistics, approximately 24% of their associates are military family members.

DID YOU KNOW? The Exchange operates almost exclusively, 98%, from the sale of goods and services. 




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