Your Best Summer Skin EVER!

Article by Beth Kline, Marine Spouse

Ahhh, summer, what a welcome arrival! After this particularly long and chilly winter, we’re ready to fling open the screen door and make a mad dash to the sunniest spot in the yard. When we conjure up images of warmer days, we think of barbecues, sports, beaches, and sun drenched, perfectly dewy skin. But, while all that outdoor goodness can fill up our soul and have us dancing late into the night, it can wreck havoc on our the delicate layers of our face and body. While men and women have different skin needs, there are a few tips that universally apply.  Follow these, and you’re sure to attain the healthy summer skin you desire. 

Sunscreen is your best friend

It is of the utmost importance that you wear sunscreen on your (and your children’s!) face, shoulders, and neck at all times. That twenty-minute chat outside with the neighbor about the hike in property tax? Pink cheeks and a tender nose signifying sun damage will appear within hours.

Moisturize like crazy.

A number of moisturizers have an SPF already built in to the formula, but many people go without moisturizer in the summer due to high humidity. Want to know a secret? Oily skin types need to have daily moisture just as dry skin types-especially in the summer! Oil glands typically over produce to make up for the lack natural moisture in the skin, which may lead to breakouts. Help balance out your skin with an oil free moisturizer; you will see a huge difference.  Also, tinted moisturizers are a must for the summer time as they provide glowing skin that looks sun kissed, while protecting against sun damage and pre-mature wrinkles.

Water, water, Margaritas and water!

Your skin will look new and refreshed and glowing when you hydrate non-stop. Guess what? With water, you can curb cravings for chips and dips and loose weight in the process!  Water also reduces the appearance of cracked, dry, unhealthy skin. Picture thirsty soil: it has cracks, it crumbles, and it is rough to the touch. Pour water over the soil and watch it become dewy, smooth, and healthy. Hydrate your body and see the results!


Don’t forget eyes and lips!

Not everyone has soft, plump lips (ahem Angelina, I’m looking at you) but when you hydrate and protect our lips, they will feel and look marvelous! Protect your lips with a SPF chap stick or, for the ladies, simply keep them covered with gloss. No one wants to look like they have dried, peeling lips straight from the set of The Walking Dead, unless Zombies are your thing.

Protect your eyes by wearing sunglasses with built in UV protection. Believe it or not, your eyes can be sunburned. It is never too late to hydrate your eye areas with hydrating eye creams. Eyes are the windows to your soul; keep them clean and clear.


Invest in a sharp razor. When you shave with a dull razor, you invite a mean colony of razor burns to join your handsome face. Shaving on a budget? Mega stores are continually offering great deals on disposable sharp razors–especially useful while deployed.  

Exfoliate. Shaving sheds dead, aging skin cells. When you shave with the correct razor for your face, you are actually exfoliating your face!  Next time your spouse is yelling at you to hurry up in the bathroom, just gently remind him or her you are exfoliating!

Moisturize. An after shaving cream with natural oils, such as Macadamia nut oil and soy, will do wonders to your skin. It’s like Buttah.



Facial Wash: Find a facial wash that is best for you, like a deep foaming wash, which is great for summer. A deep foaming wash aids in getting the sand, sweat, make up, and oils out of your pores. Your skin will feel squeaky clean and will be less prone to break outs, 

Petroleum Jelly. Here’s a top-secret waterproof mascara remover tip: use Petroleum Jelly. Rub some on your eyelashes with your eyes closed, and use a damp cloth and gently wipe away stubborn mascara. It is gentle, non abrasive, and efficient.   

Change pillowcases frequently. Yes ma’am, those wonderful 300 thread count cotton sheets can cause your face to break out. A pimple coming out to play is a great reminder to wash the linens!

My southern belle Mother has always dished out advice through out the years. One of the best ones she handed out to my sisters and me was to start young in skin care. It is never too late to be proactive, and don’t forget the kids! Start with a good routine of washing your face every night before bed. Hydrate your skin, prevent early aging with anti aging products and sunscreen, and once again drink a lot of water!

Now enjoy the sunshine!



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