Do Something That Matters

In early January I saw former Vice President Joe Biden giving an exit interview on a national news broadcast. Now, I like Joe Biden. I am not talking politics, but I like the person Joe Biden. Although have met him a couple times, I do not know him personally. Let me share with you quickly the reason he seems like a nice person to me.

Biden was the commencement speaker at the United States Air Force Academy. After speaking and then standing in the sun for several hours handing out hundreds of diplomas to the cadets, he walked to his vehicle and started out of the stadium. Cadets lined the tunnel as the car headed out. Biden stopped the car, got out and shook the hand of each and every cadet. It’s a sweet memory that I treasure today.

Anyway, I digress. Toward the end of this PBS interview the anchor asked Biden what he was going to do in the future, and Biden responded with a quick story. His father had once told him that every morning, as your feet hit the floor, make sure whatever you are doing is something that matters. You will be happy as long as you are doing something that matters.

Do something that matters.

As my husband was leaving the military, I so wanted to find something to do that mattered. I felt like I had made a positive impact while he was on active duty, but I was scared to death that as the spouse of a retiree, I would be unable to continue doing worthwhile things for this community that I love so much.

Four years later I can honestly say I feel good every morning as I hit the ground running (or maybe I should say hit the ground walking these days). I know for sure I am doing something that matters. Being a positive voice for military spouses around the world makes me happy. Being your representative here in this crazy town that is our nation’s capital is sometimes frustrating, but always rewarding.

As things change all around me, things I have no control over, I can feel good that each and every day I do something that matters. I do these things to support all of you. I hope you also find your path to doing something that matters. It will bring a smile to your face and maybe a spring in your step as you jump out of bed ready to once again do something that matters.

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