Military Spouses Make My Heart Sing

You all continue to bring happiness, pride and delight into my life and into the lives of others. THIS is what makes my heart sing and fuels my soul to continue doing all I can to support and highlight all of you.

This past month has been a busy one for all of us. We honored all military spouses at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce with our Armed Forces Insurance Military Spouse of the Year Luncheon. It was a beautiful setting where all military spouses were magnificently highlighted for the sacrifices they make and for the goodness they bring to our military community and to all of America. The offer to use the Hall of Flags at the US Chamber of Commerce building in downtown Washington, D.C., came from two military spouses who work for Hiring our Heroes and the Chamber.

The Military Spouse of the Year Town Hall event was orchestrated by Lindsay Bradford, a wonderful military spouse and the 2016 AFI Navy Spouse of the Year. The Town Hall brings excited and enthusiastic military spouses into D.C. each and every year. Just standing in the back of the room and watching their excitement is contagious. They meet old friends and then make new friends in an instant. By the end of one glorious day, you would think they had all known each other for years! I cannot help but watch them and be in awe! I was NEVER that engaged in my earlier spouse days. I wish I knew all of them years ago…the fun we could have had!

The Military Spouse of the Year Awards Luncheon was the very next day and walking into the Chamber of Commerce and seeing our room all decorated honestly brought tears to my eyes. I had to run and show it to everyone! It was perfectly fitting as the venue chosen to honor and pay tribute to the great military spouses throughout all branches of the United States Military. Again, just walking around and listening to the joy in voices and the smiles on faces made all the preparations totally worthwhile.

A great event topped off with the announcement of Brittany Boccher as the 2017 Armed Forces Insurance Military Spouse of the Year. She is an awesome woman and I know all of you will support her during this coming year as she does her best to represent all of you.

Now, you would think that nothing could top this week of festivities just for military spouses. But you would be SO WRONG! After a quick trip to San Antonio for the Air Force Retiree Council, I flew back to D.C. just to attend the White House Communications Agency Military Spouse Appreciation Day. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it blew me away. In a small building hidden away on a local base young and involved spouses have chosen to make a difference.

They did NOT wait for the senior spouse to make things happen. In a wonderful Joint Command, they call themselves GoTo Spouses and they definitely know how to make a difference. They reached out to me through Facebook and Verenice Castillo and I were the guest speakers. They had a fabulous turnout of spouses and active duty! In spite of the stringent requirements to even enter the building, these great young spouses have found a way to engage and support each other. Truly inspirational.

I left that event and had to hurry back to the airport, but I left uplifted and feeling better than ever about the military spouses of today. YOU will make things happen. You will continue to support each other and I will continue to bring attention to the great things you do.


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