3 Non-Scale Victories to Measure During Your Weight Loss Journey

How many times have you jumped on the scale after a long week only to be greeted with a number you didn’t expect?

You’re shocked! How could that be?

You were on top of your nutrition, eating healthy has been your job lately. You killed your workouts all week. And you’ve been drinking more water THAN EVER.

So how is it possible that the scale went UP this week?

There are a lot of factors that play into what you see on the scale and what you see there is far from the whole story. When it comes to losing weight, we put a lot of stock into the scale and when that number is less than favorable, it’s easy to get down on ourselves.

The truth is the scale is ONLY ONE indicator of your health and weight loss journey, but it most certainly isn’t the end-all-be-all that we sometimes make it out to be. This is why at Delta Life Fitness we encourage everyone to focus on Non-Scale Victories in addition to those successes on the scale.

A Non-Scale Victory is a measurement of success in your health and wellness journey. These measurements are indicators of your progress without focusing solely on a number on the scale.

Here are three examples of Non-Scale Victories.