75 Things Military Families are Thankful for in 2015

Just like any other year, 2015 has presented challenges for the military family. We asked our incredible Facebook community what they were thankful for this year. Some of the answers were what you might consider normal for the typical military family, but there were some that spouses or families did not expect to be grateful for. Circumstances that may have seemed daunting to start…but ended up being tremendous blessings. As you prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving this year, we hope you enjoy this list…We are all wishing you a safe and happy holiday.

75) “My husband working on Christmas Eve. He was unemployed earlier this year and we lived off Guard days he could pull. So I’m thankful he has a job now.”

74) “This deployment. It reminds me of how much my husband means to me on a daily basis and how much I appreciate him.”

73) “What I am thankful for this year? Boot camp. My husband had a difficult childhood. He was abused, abandoned and neglected. We were childhood sweethearts and while I loved him more than words, by the time he was set to leave for Basic Combat Training our marriage was in deep trouble. I never expected that basic would be what finally make him become the man I knew he could be. He let go of his past, he learned to move on, and he found religion. This year I am thankful that the Army gave my husband what he needed to be the best man, husband and father he could ever be.”

72) “I never expected to be thankful for a deployment. I thought it would be awful, but it showed me how strong my marriage is, taught me how independent I can be, and has shown me how amazing friendships can be!”

71) “Being stationed away from family. My husband and I have learned to just depend on each other. We have a very strong relationship because of it.”

70) “Having my husband home from deployment and our first holiday season with our families in three years.”

69) “Skype during deployment.”

68) “I am thankful that my normally shy seven month old was going to her Daddy, sleeping on him, and excited to see him every morning he was home for R&R. He left when she was two months old, but it seemed like she remembered him.”

67) “I’m thankful that I have been ‘stuck’ in a wheelchair for almost eight months. It gave me a better perspective on life and the challenges faced by our wounded warriors. I will recover and be walking again, but many will not.”

66) “I am thankful that my husband has gone back to a sub. While we hate when he’s away, he feels he is accomplishing more and I have met wonderful people… some of whom will become lifelong friends for sure!”

65) “A crying baby… because I am lucky that he’s healthy and here with me.”

64) “I am thankful for the holiday dinners my mom has cooked. I’ve gotten away with not cooking Thanksgiving dinner my whole life and this will be the first time I have to try and pull it off!”

63) “Losing a few friends. As painful as it was at the time (and as hard has it has been to keep my mouth shut and refuse to defend myself to others) – the subsequent behavior of these folks proved my decision was the right one and only strengthened my bonds with the people WORTHY of being in my life. I’m learning that a HUGE part of being a successful and happy military spouse is who you surround yourself with on the journey!!”

62) “The amazing community that we moved into in July. This community has very quickly become my military family and I could not be more thankful! From fire pits, birthday parties, Bunco and play dates… I don’t think we will ever be in a location that can beat this!!”

61) “Thankful to have a roof over our heads. Even if it is Army housing!”

60) “My oven! After spending half of last year in temporary housing with just two burners (only one worked) and a microwave, plus the crock pot and toaster oven we bought halfway through our time there… I LOVE to use my oven!”

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