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Dog Tag Brewing has one mission: to remember fallen heroes by honoring their lives and their families’ unique charities, all with high quality, individualized cans of beer.

Great beer; even better message

Meet Seth Jordan. In 2012, after 10 years in the Marine Corps and two deployments to Afghanistan, Seth had seen his share of loss, including seven battle buddies in his squadron who lost their lives in a helicopter collision. Seth was determined to honor the memory of his friends, but how? It was actually a dream of Seth’s to start a brewing company, and the loss of his friends gave him a mission and a motivation.


Seth moved quickly and threw himself into the start of his business. The company’s lawyer remarked that he’d never seen anyone move as fast and put together a company at this level so quickly and efficiently. And with the first toast, Seth’s dream became a reality, his mission a success.

Seth and his wife Katy are inspired by the charitable work that Gold Star families are doing to remember their fallen DTB141209-015heroes and so the mission of Dog Tag Brewing is to bring awareness of their efforts. In fact, all profits from every can of beer sold are donated to the charity of the Gold Star family whose hero is featured on the can. 

Innovative Design

For the design of the cans, Dog Tag Brewing utilizes a very unique technology called “Editions” to individualize every can of beer produced. Editions technology strips line art data from the back of cans and individualizes multiple cans on a single pallet. This is the same technology that is used to put different names on “Share A Coke” Coca Cola® cans. But Dog Tag Brewing was the FIRST to ever use Editions technology! There are currently two secret recipes: an IPA and a Lager.

The Dog Tag Brewing website features the first 12 families that were honored and read about all of the incredible things these Gold Star Families are accomplishing. Currently, Dog Tag Brewing is working with over 600 families throughout the country to honor their fallen loved ones on their cans and expects to work with 1,000 families by the end of the year.


A special announcement!

2016 is a BIG year for Dog Tag Brewing. They just founded the Dog Tag Brewing Foundation, which takes the mission to support Gold Star Families to the next level. The Foundation’s Board of Directors is made up of solely OIF-OEF combat veterans and it is designed to provide services, resources and advisement to help each family generate more awareness about their charitable work. In the words of the Jordans, “You become a part of our family.”

While Gold Star Families have experienced ultimate tragedy, Dog Tag Brewing is not supposed to be somber. Together, Americans can raise a can, honor Gold Star Families and #ToastAHero.

Please visit Dog Tag Brewing at dogtagbrewing.com.

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