Top 3 Ways to Be the Military Spouse Friend Everyone Wants

The process of finding military spouse friends is often compared to speed dating. Due to the highly mobile nature of our lives, there isn’t time to slowly warm up to people and try out friendships with a large number of diverse individuals. Instead, they often find themselves plopped into an unfamiliar town and left to find their newest bestie before the next set of orders come out.

Even though right after a move you may feel like flopping onto the couch and binge watching Game of Thrones, military spouses need to get out to as many FRG events, play dates, and professional networking events as possible. Friendships are not hard to come by, but they do require proactive effort.

The age-old saying “you need to be a friend to get a friend” couldn’t be more true in the military life. No one wants to be, or has the time to be, involved in a one-sided friendship. So in order to aid in your quest towards avoiding the five types of toxic friendships and finding true friendship this PCS season, we put together the top three ways to be a great military spouse friend!