5 Things I Would Rather Embrace than the Suck

“Embrace the suck” came from a politician, reportedly in reference to the impending budget deal that was about to cause an uproar in the military community. She saw it coming and warned her minions to embrace the opposition they would soon be facing.

The phrase “embrace the suck” is entirely a military phrase. It goes arm in arm with phrase like “She’s OFP” and “Meet the big green weenie”, both of which are quite interchangeable with “embrace the suck” when it comes to what congress did to our military veterans when they voted to reduce their retirements with a cut to their COLA.

The unfortunate use of our military phrase, I’m sure, was an attempt to make her sound cooler than she can ever be. I would equate it to that commercial with James Earl Jones and Malcolm McDowel using teenage girl lingo like “amazeballs” and “totes mcgotes.” They sound so ridiculous that one cannot help but laugh so hard and loud that it scares small children. They take themselves so seriously reading these tweets that it’s not so difficult to believe that they really think what they’re saying makes sense. Every time we see the commercial, my husband asks me, “What are they saying?” It’s like that when many politicians speak it seems. I just want to holler “It’s like she’s trying to talk to me!” I would also compare it to when we were teens and our parents tried using phrases that were cool. Like the first time I heard my dad say “cool beans.” He was so confused, I think, that he never said it again. Or the time my mom interrupted me and proceeded to spew out a sentence filled with at least fifteen “like”s and ten “totally”s and suddenly realized she should never say those words again. That’s what this particular politician sounded like when using our beloved military phrase, “embrace the suck.” Like, total fail, lady.

So- I decided to make a list of things I would rather embrace than “the suck” thank you very much.

1)      My husband– during the first 24 months of our marriage, my husband was gone 18 of them. 10 years, 4 combat deployments, 3 workups, countless field exercises lasting weeks on end, at least 6 formal schools lasting a min of 2 months each, later- I’d love to just embrace my husband for longer than 1 year without him being called off somewhere else.

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