What is Available on Base?

Stores and services vary from installation to installation.  Most bases provide a complete list of services and stores offered on their webpage.  However, there are a few services that are typically universal across branches and bases.  

Commissary: A grocery store that caters to military families, and offers a rewards card, coupons, and no sales tax.

The Exchange (The Nex, AAFES, MCX): A department store that features a wide range of merchandise and no sales tax.  The Exchange might offer additional stores and services within the building, such as nail salons, watch repair, frame stores, personalized mementos, photography processing centers, tailoring and automotive services.

Auto Hobby Shop: Tools and infrastructure for service members and families to work on their own vehicles, generally for a very small fee.

A Mini Mart or a 7-Day Store: Located with the on-base gas station, it offers the same sorts of things you’d find in a civilian mini mart. It often has a liquor store attached, sometimes referred to as a ‘package store.’

Military Post Office affiliated with US Postal Service

Chapels: At least one on base non-denominational chapel with services in most Christian denominations, and upon demand Jewish and Muslim services, as well.  Chapels are typically staffed with at least one chaplain who provides counseling services, confidentiality by law, and will procure religious services as required by service members and families-regardless of his or her denomination.

Gyms and Recreational Areas: Parks, golf courses and pools:  You will also find clubs that provide recreational activities such as intramural sports and game night.

Vets: Select bases will also have a veterinary clinic.

Fast food options: Installations may offer stand-alone restaurants, or they will be located within the Exchange

Lodging:  There is often bachelor lodging for service members and occasionally an inn for visitors






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